In the African Bush: Part 5

There are two waterholes in the Central Kalahari Game Reserve that were in range of us, the one at Sunday’s Pan and one at Letiahau Waterhole. As we had already ventured up to Sunday’s Pan we now headed in the Deception Valley Central Kalahari Game Reserveopposite direction down Deception Valley to Letiahau Pan.

The route was much more open than the road up to Sunday’s Pan crossing pans and open dry grasslands. An incredibly harsh environment, temperatures were mid forties and the wind blowing in places created dust clouds.

Korhaan Central Kalahari Game ReserveIt was hard to believe that anything could survive out here in these relentless conditions. But under the trees were springbok and gemsbuck. Grassland birds such as larks, sparrow-larks and wheatears could be seen all over the place. The black and red-crested Korhaans were common sightings.

DSC_0082Yellow-billed Kites and Martial Eagles flew in search of prey above, whilst smaller raptors (sorry couldn’t ID) flew up and down from the pans catching insects. On one stretch of the road for about a kilometer there were numerous pale-chanting goshawks ( as seen in the pic to the right) dotted about on ground.

Out on the pans honey badgers were foraging, we saw plenty bat-eared foxes sleeping all along the route and ground squirrels were like ants covering the ground.

It was a lengthy drive down to Letiahau waterhole, but there was more than enough to Gemsbuck Central Kalahari Game Reservekeep us interested. As with Sunday’s Pan we noticed a considerable increase in game in the last kilometers, which could be expected.

The waterhole was covered in gemsbuck, some drinking, some resting under the trees and some of the males fighting and chasing younger males away.

On the way out from the waterhole we noticed a jackal running around the base of a tree and in the tree we saw a crow that had Leopard Kill Central Kalahari Game Reservesomething long hanging from its mouth.

As we rounded the tree Sue noticed a springbok neck and head hanging from a branch.

This was obviously a leopard kill which had been dragged up the tree to avoid it being stolen by other predators and scavengers. We looked all round the area, but could not find the leopard itself.

It had been an amazing day, the harsh beauty and diversity of life we had witnessed had been mind blowing. There was still more to come…


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5 Responses to In the African Bush: Part 5

  1. Suki says:

    The environment seems so harsh and hot, yet full of game carrying on as normal. They must have adapted well. Not much greenery around at all.

  2. Rina says:

    We heard so many people make comments like “we only saw bat-eared foxes” but they are any time just as amazing to watch as lion. Beautiful creatures indeed. Not thinking less of the gemsbok and others animals though…..

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