No Internet:

Running an electronic marketing and web design company can be frustrating not having a reliable internet connection for two weeks and having to rely on 3G. How I survived with 3G when we initially got here I do not know.

It took almost a week to get somebody here to look at our problem. A cable was faulty down the road and no replacement cable was available here in Letlhakane or neighbouring Orapa. After a day or two a new cable was found in Maun, some 400km away. When the cable did get here, the technician who had to fit it had disappeared.

It’s great to be back online, even though the number of e-mails in my inbox is a bit daunting.

First Rains:

Last week we had our first rains of the season, a shower of 4.5mm was followed the following day by 28mm then chased by 16mm.

Suddenly the bush is coming alive, new green leaves and flowers are lovely to see, the animals have food to eat and water to drink.

With the rain and cloud, temperatures have dropped and we even had to find a jersey one evening as we went below 30C.

Watching a cricket game that was being played in Cape Town, the commentators were complaining about how hot it was at 29C. At the same time we were pleased to be having a cool day here at 35C.

The Coffee Machine:

Last week Sue and I were in a local Indian trading store and whilst browsing I saw a coffee machine. One of those that you can set the time you want your coffee made. What a pleasure – you wake in the morning and the coffee is already made. It was cheap so we bought it.

We were obviously so excited to try it that evening. But alas during the night our electricity went off so the clock was just flashing in the morning and no coffee had been made. I turned on the machine anyway. It spluttered and hissed a bit, a few drops of coffee did appear, but then nothing. We then discovered that our kitchen counter was wet and all our water had leaked out.

I obviously returned the machine and was given a replacement. The next morning – no coffee, it had not leaked and our electricity had not gone off during the night. I did, however find it strange that the 24 hour clock was reading 29:15. Further we did manage to back one pot of coffee and then it refused to make anymore.

I did get my money back and we will look for something better when we go through to Francistown.


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