Heavy rains hits Letlhakane

Last year on the 1st January Lethlakane  experienced 100mm of rain over night, which totally flooded us out and the Letlhakane River flowed for the first time in x number of years. This year on the 4th and 5th of January we experienced something similar.

This year we only had a total of 67mm of rain and that over a 36 hour period. Letlhakane village was flooded once again, but the Letlhakane River didn’t flow.

Since then nothing; we are back to blue skies and occasionally watch clouds come and go (a great form of entertainment up here 🙂 )

Below are scenes of our flooded village.


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5 Responses to Heavy rains hits Letlhakane

  1. Suki says:

    I smile as I look at those as you guys do need rain but maybe not so much at one go! Where I am in the UK, we have been wading around for weeks. It is just not funny any more but for Africa, rain is a life blood. I hope it soaks in and does a lot of good. When i was a child on the farm in Rhodesia, mum would say it never rain but poured. Used to think it was a strange expression used in many ways….but not now!

    • PeteMorrie says:

      I wrote a blog that I titled “A Land of Contrasts” here nothing happens unless its major. We don’t get rain for months then we get 66 mm – then nothing. It doesn’t get comfortably hot, but bloody hot.

      • Suki says:

        Good one! That is what they say…”variety is the spice of life?” 🙂 Hot…beginning to wonder what that means….

  2. vera says:

    Hello Pete,
    nIce to hear that you got some rain.
    I am going to Botswana next week , I guess the roads will be pretty good as u didnt have that much rain this year right? How is the weather? Mosquitos?
    I can’t wait to see the beautiful country you always talk about!!


    • PeteMorrie says:

      The roads shouldn’t be bad, but be careful. Keep this number on hand 72487833 (code 00267) its for a friend of mine who does recovery in the Makgadikgadi.

      Yes not much rain yet. This last week as been warm 44/45C, plenty mossies, bring plenty anti-mossie. I wouldn’t worry about Malaria tablets, but take precautions. After saying that I was down with Malaria 10 days ago (well I thought it was).

      You are going to have an amazing time – this just such a stunning country. Full report when you get back – please

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