Great visit to Kasane

With last Thursday a public holiday we took Friday and Monday off and headed up to Kasane for an extended weekend.

Kasane is situated on the banks of the Chobe River, right at the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe. It is also the gateway to the Chobe National Park.

Packing for the trip was far easier than other places as supplies are readily available up there, the only problem I had was with one of the puppies pulling clothes out of my bag whilst I was trying to put them in.

It is a long drive from here, some 600 km, but the nice part is that for the last half of the drive there is a very good chance of seeing game along the road, and we were lucky to see elephants, zebra, steenbuck, impala, eland and baboons. {Note for people driving in Botswana: the Matsitama road is in a very good condition, thanks to African Copper – better than the Francistown / Nata road}

We camped at Chobe Safari Lodge, which is closest camp to the Chobe National Park and we had regulars visiting our camp – warthogs, squirrels, banded mongooses and vervet monkeys (they were a pain though). The squirrels and mongooses investigated all over our camp – under our tent and we even had a squirrel in our car.

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DSC_0248We did two long drives in Chobe National Park and even though it is not a great time for game viewing, owing to the water all over the place and thick bush we were well rewarded.

The Chobe having the largest concentration of elephants in the world, meant we saw plenty and on one occasion found ourselves in a slightly uneasy situation.

DSC_0296We had been traveling along the bank of the Chobe River for some distance when we came across a herd of elephants drinking. As we didn’t want to turn around and travel back the many kilometers we had just driven we decided to just sit and watch them from about 100m until they had finished. This they did and we moved on.

DSC_0273Rounding a bush we were suddenly on top of another breeding herd also drinking. I reversed back straight into 2 elephant bulls, that had come down to the river behind us, unnoticed, and were showing us their displeasure in us being there.

We had to get round the breeding herd. Lucky enough except for one youngster that trumpeted loudly at us with his ears out, the rest weren’t even bothered.

Passed them a short distance our road disappeared into the river for about 60m and there was no way around the water. Not wanting to go back through the elephants and the long drive back, and with vehicles stopped on the other side, I went for it, the water wasn’t too deep and our monster made it easily.

DSC_0200Crocs of all sizes can be seen all along the river, either in the water or sunning themselves on the river bank. Large rafts of hippo are also in the swollen river and the bird life was plentiful.

This is a truly amazing part of the world. In Kasane itself elephants wander into town and warthogs can be seen all over. Really well worth a visit.

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9 Responses to Great visit to Kasane

  1. Andrew Meikle says:

    Howsit Pete, some lovely Chobe pics ! We were there a few years back and cant wait to visit again. Regards Andrew & Tracey Meikle

  2. Pauli says:

    what a lovely weekend, you are so lucky to live in a national reserve, so much wildlife everywhere you go. Did you do the Chobi river cruise?

  3. Shelley says:

    Great photos! I will be visiting Botswana a month from today.

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