Taking Wellness to the Community

Karowe Mine, where Sue works, is wonderful in the way that they help the community, not just here, but also in the surrounding area. One of their initiatives is “Taking Wellness to the Community”.

DSC_0001This year we headed to the small village of Mmathsumo for a wellness day. A lot of tourists pass through this quaint village as it is en-route to the Makgadikgadi Salt Pans and the well visited Kubu Island.

The day was held at the local primary school and the turn out from the local community grew and grew as the day went on.

An early morning aerobics class started procedures, which was followed by talks on DSC_0026different aspects of good health. During the talks the mine donated 60 chairs to school and gave full football and netball kit to the local teams.

One of the best parts of the day for me was to see the joy and appreciation of the local chief and community in receiving the gifts.

The mine had organized a number of stalls where people could get tested for blood pressure, blood sugar, HIV and eye screening. They also brought in a massive 4×4 truck, which was a full mobile dental surgery.

People could also donate blood and learn about TB.

On the sporting side of things they had running races, netball and football. Unfortunately our team, Minopex, narrowly lost their football game 3-2.

It was fun day and a great initiative. Well done to Karowe Mine: Boteti and Minopex.

See more photos at: https://ourbots.wordpress.com/latest-photos/wellness-day/




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One Response to Taking Wellness to the Community

  1. Suki says:

    Excellant iniative that they take & a good service to the community. A lot of places could learn from that.

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