Karowe Diamond Mine Cycle Challenge

Karowe Diamond Mine, where Sue works, held a cycle challenge this last weekend. You might recall the flier I posted a few weeks back.

Sue is on the mine’s committee that organizes various functions for the local community such as a village clean-up, wellness days and this cycle challenge. The proceeds from the cycle event is going to be used to help the local community as well.

DSC_0002Cyclists came from all over Botswana, some traveling some distance to be here and could decide whether to ride 100km, 50km or 20km.

We got the job of running a water table,a far better idea than having to cycle. Sue stayed at the start to help there, until the cyclists started; so Tristan and I headed out onto the route to our designated point to set-up the water point.

DSC_0006After battling to work out how to put up the gazebo we read the instructions, then found it quite simple. Our helpers soon arrived and soon the banners were up, water and coke  bottles filled and  a music system connected. All we needed now was some cyclists.

It is actually not that easy to give a fast moving cyclist a bottle from a fixed position and some bottles went crashing to the ground. One cyclist actually had 3 unsuccessful attempts to get something to drink.

DSC_0011With the last cyclists gone past we made a lovely breakfast for invited guests and all our helpers, which had grown in number with the smell of cooking bacon.

After breaking down our water point we headed to the finish for the prize giving which was a fun event with cyclists, tired, but in good spirit. It would seem that all, cyclists and helpers, had thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Well done to all the organizing committee for a job well done.




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2 Responses to Karowe Diamond Mine Cycle Challenge

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Pete and Sue, I wish that I was there to have breakfast with you guys.

  2. Suki says:

    Aaah…that smell of bacon!! What it does to us all 🙂 Surprised you did not have any local dogs visiting too 🙂 Well done to all on supporting worthy causes.

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