Into the African Bush – book 3

It’s getting close to do a major bush experience again, after all the last one we did was WAY back in July to Nxai Pans and at the time we didn’t even realize it was going to be.

As this blog is totally public and read my 100’s of people world wide, you will appreciate, for our own security, that I am not going to mention where we are going or when we are going. If you can’t stand not knowing, drop me an e-mail on my personal account.

All I will say is that this trip is to one of the many wildlife havens of Botswana and every place we have visited over the almost 3 years we have been in Botswana basically has been in preparation for this trip.

Having had elephants within a few meters of us at Elephant Sands, hyenas in camp in Central Kalahari, upgrading to a 4×4 trailer (with a roof top tent) and bad, long roads to Nxai Pan has ensured that we are ready to tackle what is probably going to be classed as one of the best bush experiences of our lives.

I made our bookings last year already, that’s how keen I am on going there. At that stage it was just Sue and myself; talking about it to friends, we are now 10 people with another 2 desperate to join us. This already poses a problem as the Botswana Department of Wildlife only allows 8 people on a campsite and there are no more available sites.

As lions frequently walk through, or catch their prey, in camp, I guess we are following nature’s principal of “herding”.

Animals either form herds, live solitary or in pairs. Being in a herd means that you are more easily found by predators, but your chance of being singled out is far less. Living solitary your chance of being found is far less, but if you are- bad luck – it’s you.

So Sue and I hope, being in a big group and up in our roof top tent we won’t be the ones singled out. Those sleeping in tents on the ground – well good luck and watch where I throw my meat bones – he he.

Actually, if we don’t get lions in camp I will  be very disappointed, feel ripped off and probably ask for my money back.

Part 2 – Planning, will follow soon


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2 Responses to Into the African Bush – book 3

  1. Bridgette & Geoffrey Flint says:

    Not jealous – lions eating me does not appeal – good luck – I’m sure you will enjoy it, but not for me!!!

  2. Suki says:

    Enjoy the planning and the thoughts of what you are going to be experience. Sounds very exciting & will look forward to the reports.

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