Moremi National Park – 3rd bridge (2)

After all the fun and games of the mornings drive from Khwai to 3rd Bridge, a distance of 50km, which had taken us over 5 hours, it was great to relax in camp. Even though we were hot, tired, hungry and very dusty it was nothing a couple of drinks couldn’t sort out.

100_4127We had this beautiful campsite right on the waters edge, with a stunning Sausage Tree that offered amazing shade which was very welcoming. Fish eagles were calling and we felt totally at home.

Gavin and Tswinkie had decided that we should all go on a boat trip that afternoon. Which was a brilliant idea; firstly as it would give us a bit of an “Okavango Delta” type experience and secondly after the morning nobody really felt like getting into a car again and do a game drive.

By the time our skipper came and collected us we were in fine spirits and a large cool box was packed for trip.

DSC_0209We were soon onto the water and flying down a narrow channel. It appeared that we were going to crash into some reeds when the boat turned sharply into an opening and the continuation of the channel. This happening every few seconds. The cool water splashing up on us every time we turned was so refreshing.

These channels were kept open by hippo and I was wondering what would happen if when we turned a corner and rode straight into one.

DSC_0189The skipper stopped – reversed and then point to the edge of the reeds. How he saw it at that speed was amazing, but there was a tiny crocodile.

It was just floating in the water not minding us at all. Even a little guy of this size is capable of biting off a finger if given half the chance.

DSC_0215The atmosphere on the boat was great, everybody relaxed, joking and having fun. Of course a few drinks were being enjoyed as well.

DSC_0210Flying along again we suddenly saw an elephant that was coming down a side channel, we were almost right on top of him. The water was deep and he was about 3/4 covered, so he was either trying to cross this water and reed expanse or just having a bath.

By the time the boat had stopped and reversed the elephant was making a hasty escape to the bank. For a change here was an elephant actually running way from us and not the vice versa which seems to be our norm.

DSC_0218The channel we were following opened up into a massive lagoon which was lined by massive trees and palms. It was stunning.

There were hippo in the water some distance from us and the bird life was great. The contrast of this to the miles and miles of hot, baron and dusty mopane veldt was incredible and we were witnessing the wonderful diversity that Moremi National Park offers.

DSC_0253The sun began to drop and we were treated to an absolutely amazing sunset.

The water was glassy calm and with the ripples made by the boat, the sun’s reflection, made it seem that golden balls were dancing across the water. It was the most beautiful sight.

For more photos of the sunset see:

The water was so crystal clear and cool that Gavin couldn’t resist having a swim. Our skipper found a safe place where he could jump in – strangely enough there were no other volunteers. Thank goodness there were no hippo or crocs.

DSC_0279Once again thanks to Gavin and Tswinkie, it had been a stunning afternoon, loved by all.

More to follow….



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2 Responses to Moremi National Park – 3rd bridge (2)

  1. Bridgette Flint says:

    I’ve turned green! With envy!


  2. Suki says:

    What a fantastic experience for you all. Lovely pictures.

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