Party-time in Letlhakane

DSC_0048Friday, last week, saw Botswana holding its parliamentary elections. The day before all the political parties where all over Letlhakane encouraging people to vote for them.

Pick-ups with loud hailers mounted on the roof drove up and down the roads, supporters of the party followed behind in their own vehicles, many of which were well decorated. The scene took on a carnival appearance and mood.

From the number of cars following the lead car you could definitely predict the popularity of the party. What was predicted to be a close election was not being shown here in Letlhakane.

The ruling party had about 5km of vehicles following it, whereas the other parties had just 1 or 2 cars following them.

That evening Letlhakane rocked, parties were being held all over the place. This is  something I have never seen before an election, it was amazing. Nobody was being intimidated or pressured to vote for a particular party, everybody was just having a great time

The atmosphere generated was one of excitement as if something big was about to happen.

After the polling stations closed apparently the parties started-up again and outside the counting hall, people partied the whole night even after the results were read. By Saturday, the day after the election, Letlhakane had run out of alcohol.

The ruling party won again quite comfortably, which I must say pleases me as I feel the president Ian Khama is doing a excellent job. His “take no nonsense” attitude means our security is good and he is also a great conservationist. He could teach many heads of states a thing or two.



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3 Responses to Party-time in Letlhakane

  1. Suki says:

    It is good to see that elections can work and proceed well in some African countries. very impressive new looking bakkie in the first picture.

  2. Bridgette & Geoffrey Flint says:

    Sounds like you are living very close to heaven!! What a life! What a country! Love B xx

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