Raining in Letlhakane

Finally the rains have come and we have had rain for the last 3 days.

On Monday we got a nice 11m to start us off, I think I watched all 11mm fall, Sue and I even ran out into it to celebrate. Pity I burnt the dinner during this.

This was followed by 2mm on Tuesday and 1.5 mm yesterday – well we call that rain. The good news is that rain is predicted until Sunday.

Our puppies, even though they experienced rain when they were very very small, at first didn’t quite no what to make of this, but were soon having great fun chasing each other in the rain and rolling on the wet ground.


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4 Responses to Raining in Letlhakane

  1. Bridgette Flint says:

    11m – wow! Haha! Wish we could get some rain – dry as a bone here. We’ll prob get rain on the night of Steph’s 21st – outdoor party at our house – and then nothing for the rest of summer – let’s hope not!!! Can’t believe she’s turning 21 already! Poor thing – just broken up with her boyfriend, in the middle of her Masters of a Business exams and working a shitty job at a hotel. Not a happy girl at the moment. Justin has moved out of home – peace reigns! Otherwise all good – looking forward to Xmas – going away to Byron Bay for a week. Love Bx PS going to visit mom the week of her birthday 2015 – all booked.


  2. Suki says:

    Currently sitting here surrounded by flooded fields and getting closer to the road, makes it hard to think that you guys celebrate when you get some. I am very glad for you all, burnt dinner and happy puppies withstanding. I hope the heavens bring you as much as is needed.

  3. Bridgette & Geoffrey Flint says:

    We had 0.00005mm of rain on Thursday (3.5 drops), and then wind, and then a heat wave – up to 40C today. Yikes!! And it’s not even proper summer yet.

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