Fun Bike Weekend at Moriti Wa Selemo

DSC_0053Friends of ours, who own the Bush Camp, Moriti Wa Selemo , organised an off-road motor bike and quad bike fun weekend this last weekend.

Sue and I popped in on Friday on our way back from a business trip to Francistown. A lot of people had already arrived, set up their camps and were out to try out the course. Over 60 riders had registered to take part.

We returned bright and early on Saturday morning to catch all the action and I was asked to take photos of the day.

DSC_0001The kids started the day off, some very young and it was cute to see them and their very worried parents.

Their “race” went off smoothly and nobody got injured – thank goodness.

Next was the big “race” – bikes on the technical route, which, according to the riders, was rather challenging. Sue and I went to one such tough spot, to catch some moments on camera.

The speed that some of the top riders flew past us, over some very rough obstacles was incredible. Others battled the hard conditions, some even pushing their bikes through.








DSC_0140It then was time for the novices, which had a far easier course, but most of these lesser skilled riders still found it tough.

At the end of the day all riders were hot, dusty but very pleased with themselves. Most relaxed at the cool swimming pool, with a beer.

Sunday morning all the riders and families headed down to the Makgadikgadi Salt Pans to play on the soggy surface and to enjoy a breakfast.

More photos at




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One Response to Fun Bike Weekend at Moriti Wa Selemo

  1. Suki says:

    Looks a well supported occasion. Nice. Small kids look cute. Bless.

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