The Karowe Diamond Mine Cycle Challenge

The annual Karowe Diamond Mine Cycle Challenge was held this last weekend and it turned out to be a massive event for Letlhakane.

The race itself was held on Sunday, but the whole event started on Saturday evening with a pre-race function.

As Minopex, the company Sue works for, was hosting the function Sue and I coordinated it. This with many other things we did during the week building up to the whole race weekend.

100_4651We got into the hall early on Saturday and set about giving it a Minopex feel. We placed gazebo at the door which gave a nice entrance effect.

Two large banners were placed on the sides – everybody could clearly see who was hosting this function


Branded flags and balloons in the Minopex colours were placed all around the inside of the hall just to ensure that if people hadn’t got the message outside they now got it.

We even got table overlays in the Minopex colours and folded them into the shape of their logo for the main catering tables.

Sue then had the idea to place the chairs in such a way that it resembled the new Karowe Diamond Mine Sports Logo, as above. All the chairs formed the shape of a diamond, with a ring of chairs around the outside.

The function was well attended and from the number of cyclists we realised that the race was going to be far bigger than last year. The atmosphere in the hall was full of fun with some people chirping comments like “You are going to see a lot of my back tomorrow”.

There were nerves as well, as some people were wondering why they registered for such a long distance and for Sue and I we were wondering why we had registered at all.

Race Day to follow….



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2 Responses to The Karowe Diamond Mine Cycle Challenge

  1. Suki says:

    Quite some prep – well done. Hope race was well supported.

  2. Same Gower says:

    Good job guys. The event was well organised.

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