Bush Oven

This is version 1 of my bush oven:

Works so well. I can’t wait to upgrade it and try other things in it.

Christmas in June

I remember clearly how I felt when I was young and saw  presents around the tree with my Radiosname on it, but could not open them until Christmas Day.

Well it was pretty much the same having bought a new “toy”, but it was sitting 1500 km away. After about a month of waiting it finally arrived.

These radios are going to be great for the bush and our upcoming planned adventure. They are so small and cute.

Weather Updated

We are well into winter and so far it hasn’t been as bad as last year. The winds seem to have come early this year and we are ready beginning to have massive dust storms.

The mornings and evenings are cold, but if outside during the day, they are nice and warm.

See all the details:


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4 Responses to Catch-up

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Guys, haven’t spoken to you for a while, I hope you are all well but from what I can see by your bush oven, you are well. This is the new designed Weber braai. hehehe. When are you coming to Joburg again??? seriously ne, it’s time for your to visit. Have a great day until we chat again. Maggie

  2. Sue says:

    That is one snazzy DIY oven and by the delicious looking chicken…it works. Amazed by the small phones. Will they replace your cell phones? I was in Parrs Halt and Mahalype in April this year. So very dry.

    • PeteMorrie says:

      Hi Sue – once modified I will be making pizza, bread etc 🙂 The radios are for travelling in convoy and when in the bush there is no cell phone signal either.

      We had very little rain last season – hope it goes better latter this year

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