Gweta Trip: Part 2

Planet BaobabAfter our long, dusty and bouncy trip we very happy to see the enormous aardvark statue at the entrance to Planet Baobab, just outside of Gweta. Here we were met by some warm, friendly and welcoming staff.

We did however find out that the tours to see the Meerkats cost P950 per person, that would be roughly P3000 for our group of 3. So we decided that we were going to miss out on them.

Planet Baobab

A campsite

The whole lodge and campsites are set amongst many, massive Baobab trees. Which are quoted to having an average age of 4000 years.

We were pleased to be there and with camp set-up we relaxed with a cold lemonade – well ok it was a beer.

The following morning we headed into Gweta to see if we could find some supplies. There is definitely not much to Gweta and our small village of Letlhakane is massive in comparison.

It is however very clean and quaint with many palm trees all over and we did find most things we were looking for.

Back at Planet Baobab we decided to explore the facilities. All the chalets were done in a traditional style and very quaintly done inside.

When we got to the bar/restaurant and swimming pool area we found that a wedding party was there and with all their guests, for photographs. Everybody was in high spirits and we were warmly welcomed and they wanted us to be photographed with them.

As we weren’t going to see the meerkats we decided to head-up to Nxai Pan National Park the following day. Sue and I have been there before, see and

My quote at the end of that trip was “I can’t say we will return in a hurry as  the effort to get there out-ways the experience.”

It was soon after we started up the road to the pan that we clearly remembered why I had written that. The road is 36 km of hell – with thick, highly corrugated sand. The whole car rattles and shakes and the fillings in your teeth want to come out. We were, however, lucky to see a few gemsbuck, ostriches and a honey badger en-route.

The pan itself is lovely, with wide open spaces and clumps of trees – very barren at this time of year though. The first animals we saw were 3 cheetahs, presumably mommy with 2 elderly cubs. They were on the move and we watched them for some time.

We headed on to the only waterhole in the area, at this time of the year, where we sat for a couple of hours. When we arrived a massive flock of guinea fowl were at the water’s edge and grouses were flying in big groups above and then coming down to drink, before taking off again as a cloud of birds.

There was a continuous flow of springbuck to the water and we also saw ostrich, wildebeest, jackal and impala.

We had to use the same terrible road out as we had come in on and we once again decided we weren’t coming back.

We were planning to take a different route back to Letlhakane, also through the Makgadikgadi Salt Pans. But after already having 2 tough days driving, my adventure mode had automatically shut down. So we took the tar road all the way around. We were very pleased to see that the Boteti river was full again.

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4 Responses to Gweta Trip: Part 2

  1. Howard says:

    As you said in a previous post, the Boteti River is amazing – when we went to CKGR the river was completely dry, 4 or 5 days later we returned and it was flowing bank to bank.

    • PeteMorrie says:

      Crossing at Motopi we expected the worst, but it was amazing, I even wanted to pop in at Khumaga to see the height but wanted to just get home – hope it gets to Mopipi and beyond again this year.

  2. Sue says:

    Lovely pictures and sightings. Pity the road is not fixed/graded.

  3. PeteMorrie says:

    It would actually be so easy to sort the road – a couple of heavy tyres dragged behind a vehicle would do it.

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