Lovely day at Lekhubu Island

As Sue’s mother has never been to Lekhubu Island in the Makgadikgadi Salt Pans and we haven’t been there for a while we decided to take a drive out there this last weekend.

Dust Storm in Letlhakane

Dust Storm in Letlhakane

This isn’t a “normal Sunday drive” as you need to carry the likes of spades, and other anti being stuck equipment.

It was cold and windy here in Letlhakane, with bad dust storms. The pans might be quite interesting.

After passing the little village of Mmatshumo the road becomes sandy tracks and in places, were people have got stuck during the rainy season, more roads to avoid the spot gets made. Now after many rainy seasons there is just a maze of roads, but what we have always found is that “all roads lead to Lekhubu Island”.

This day, however, was no exception, but we found ourselves doing the very scenic route. We somehow went off the common route and eventually found a vet fence, which we followed for a long way and at one stage we thought we might even come out at Nata – the other side of the pans. The pans is one place you don’t want to get lost.

Ant-eating Chats on Hoodia

Ant-eating Chats on Hoodia

The normal route to Lekhubu does go through a vet fence and we eventually arrived at that gate and we were back on track.

Much more relaxed now that we knew where we were, we started to enjoy the beauty of the pans much more. Massive wide open spaces appeared and eventually we could see the island ahead.

Sowa Pan highway

Lekhubu, which means rocky outcrop, is also known as just Kubu which means hippo. Both are very true as from a distance it looks like a hippos back as you see it in when it is in water. As you get close to it, it is a rocky outcrop extending up out of the pans.

The Island is covered in magnificent Baobabs and stunning Star Chestnuts. The rock formations are just amazing and the view of the pans incredible.

We stopped to look at one of the trees and when I got out I noticed that we had a very soft tyre. Not getting too stressed I got out our compressor, that I did remember to pack, and simply pumped it up. But life, somehow, for us is never that simple, as after some lunch I checked the tyre pressure and it was dropping far to quickly, we would have to change the wheel.

100_4817Of course I hadn’t checked the spare and it was flat as well. But as I had my compressor this was not a problem.

Believe it or not, heading home we also found ourselves on a different road that we had not been on before. Never a dull moment with us on our travels.


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4 Responses to Lovely day at Lekhubu Island

  1. Andre Lourens says:

    Thanks Pete. Yes Lekhubu is a special place: event the roads (north and south) leading to it is something else. You and Sue is really privileged to be in a position to get to these places very quickly. Enjoy

  2. Sue says:

    Man alive that place is full of dust. Sitting on a wet green island one tends to forget. I always wonder how birds get away with sitting on cactus 🙂 Baobabs a favourite tree. Nice pictures. I am thinking that you need to start a touring company Pete!!

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