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I have updated our weather page, so if you are keen to see what is happening up here please go to

It would seem that winter is dwindling, the days are warming nicely and the odd 30+ C is creeping in. We almost made it a night without putting on a jersey on Saturday, but by 8.30 I chickened out.

Records since I started recording the weather in January 2014

  • Hottest day (18th January 2014) 45.3 C
  • Coldest Temperature (26th July 2015) 2 C
  • Most rain in 1 month (March 2014) 152.5 mm
  • Most rain in 1 day (March 2014) 65 mm

We did have a 58.9 C in Dec 2013 and we have twice had more than 100 mm of rain in 1 day before my records started.


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3 Responses to Latest Weather

  1. Sue says:

    That is some hot. Autumn slips in here so your summer is coming back. Pitch dark when I leave for work at 5am. Sadly poop summer this side.

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