Ultimate Botswana: The Chobe River – part 1

I was sad to be leaving Savuti as I felt that the 3 nights we had spent there had not been enough. I was just get a feeling for the area and wanted to explore more. It had a stark beauty that I just loved.

I don’t think the rest of our party felt the same way as I did, as it had been extremely hot, dusty and very dry.

The road from Savuti up to the Chobe River was quoted as being 150 km of thick, highly corrugated soft sands  It was not a day I was looking forward to.

The first 30 km to the Chobe Gate was a breeze. I was thinking that the person who had written the above had not travelled on some of the roads I have in Botswana.

20150926_080437There must have been a stretch from the gate of about 20- 30 km through the forest reserve that wasn’t great fun – we were thrown backwards and forwards, then side to side, then in all directions continuously throughout the whole stretch.

This until we hit a cut line, where the road was thick sand, but nothing worse than what we have already experienced, elsewhere. The road cut through a hilly area, which did make it a bit more tricky. Here in Botswana we don’t know about mountain passes.


We had about 40 km of this before we hit tar in the little village of Kachikau. Even better yet – they had ice. We inflated our tyres and had tar for the next 40km to the Namibia/Botswana border, where we re-entered the Chobe National Park.

Being a bit lazy in the hot weather and not deflating our tyres again, even after being warned about the soft sand, we headed for the river. It was the worst 4 km of the whole trip. Soft, soft sand and we were being thrown all over the place again. Of course the hard tyres made it much worse.

It was a great relief to reach the Chobe River Valley and we got a spectacular view of the flood plains, Namibian cattle and a massive herd of Zebra. The river unfortunately was very low.

From there are in it was plain sailing all the way to our campsite, called Ihaha. I must say that it hadn’t been the greatest driving conditions, but far, far easier than I thought it would be.

As we had got through much quicker than we thought we would, we decided to drop off our trailers and head into Kasane to get supplies – cold beers, more ice, fresh food and fuel.

Part 2


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4 Responses to Ultimate Botswana: The Chobe River – part 1

  1. Nice report Pete ,yes I have heard from some other campers who stayed at Ihaha that they had lots of cattle and noise from the Namibian side .The Chobe does not look good at all now !!

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  3. Suki says:

    A lot of shake, rattle and rolling going on there!

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