Ultimate Botswana: The Chobe River – part 2

Ihaha Campsite

Buffalo Chobe

A massive herd of buffalo just near camp at sunset

It was because of Ihaha that I put the whole trip together. Sue and I were staying in Kasane and during a game drive we discovered this camp right on the banks of the Chobe River, it was absolutely stunning. I knew we just had to stay here.

Then after being introduced to Dijara Camp just north of Moremi, the plan for the trip easily fell together.

Ihaha did, however, become a worry in the build up to our trip as we had heard reports of Namibians coming across the Chobe River and robbing campers. Between these reports were comments that it was such a pity as Ihaha had been the highlight of so many people’s trip.

The only thief we had

The only thief we had

We heard security had been greatly improved, then we heard of other robberies. So it was a bit concerning.

However, as a team we thought we wouldn’t let this stop us having an amazing experience and we were going to Ihaha. After all most of us had grown up in South Africa, we were used to this, except those of us who ran away to Botswana.

When we checked in at the camp we were told about police patrols at night, and told it was “because of our neighbours”. We did hear them every night, it was great knowing they were there, but it would have been a tad nicer if their vehicle wasn’t a rattle trap.

Elephant in front of our camp

Elephant in front of our camp

Jan got up during the night for a pee, shone his torch around to look for anything dangerous and before he had even got his equipment out, there was a police car right there, checking that everything was alright.

On our last night the police parked about 100m from our camp for most of the night. I was given a toot when I descended from my rooftop for a pee.

With all this and seeing a lot of army presence, we not only felt safe, but were safe.

Sunset over the Chobe

Sunset over the Chobe

Our Chobe experience part 3




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2 Responses to Ultimate Botswana: The Chobe River – part 2

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  2. Suki says:

    Those monkeys always make me smile. Cute picture. Having a pee under Police protection. That’s a new one 🙂 Glad you all were safe.

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