Ultimate Botswana: The Chobe River – part 4

What amazed me the most during this visit to the Chobe River was not only the amount of animals we saw but the massive herds, especially those of buffalo, elephant and zebra. I have also never seen so many Roan Antelope and Sable in one area before.

The next two days of our Chobe experience is best done with photo’s.

We saw the massive herd of buffalo each day near the water, crossing the river and at sunset. We sat in awe, just so many and more and more just kept coming out of the bush.

See the video to get an idea

We also saw plenty of elephants and a couple of times herds of 50-60 individuals:

The general game viewing was excellent, it was almost like being in a zoo:

The bird life was spectacular

The scenery and sunsets magnificent:

We packed-up after 9 nights in the bush and headed for Kasane. All was going fine until I couldn’t see Iain’s vehicle anymore. I called him on the radio – he was stuck in soft sand on an incline.

Chobe 79Somebody coming into the park offered to pull him out so I didn’t have to unhitch our trailer. It was tough getting him and his trailer out, but we managed. The person helping, summed up all of this, turned and headed straight out of the park. Throughout the whole trip we hadn’t had 1 vehicle stuck and here it happened on the last 3 km.

There was only one thing left to do, and that was a boat trip on the river. What a highlight that was to be…..

More pics of the Chobe river: https://ourbots.wordpress.com/latest-photos/ultimate-botswana-trip/the-chobe-river/




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2 Responses to Ultimate Botswana: The Chobe River – part 4

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  2. Suki says:

    That is one huge herd of lean mean eating machine Buffs, although that lot look pretty relaxed. Video does give good indication, more than a picture. This chapter has an A-Z of animals and birds. Amazing. I chuckle at the monkey under the tree sitting like Jack the Lad & being groomed. Sable a firm favourite of mine and my junior school house name in Rhodesia. The Hippo snoozing – so cool – no-one going to disturb him…My favourite picture is the vehicles – because it brings back so many memories of travelling in Africa and learning to relax when stuck, as there is nothing anyone can do but get on with getting out. I think I could stay there (Chobe River) and never leave!!

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