Ultimate Botswana: The Chobe River – part 5

The Boat Trip

If you are ever up on the Chobe River, a must do is the evening boat trip on the river. We always use Pangolin Photographic Safaris as they have by far the best boats out of all the companies.

Their boats are small,  manoeuvrable and all 8 chairs, with a camera mounting, are 1 behind the other and they can turn 360 degrees.

It was still warm when we headed out, but the bird life and general game viewing was excellent.

It just seems that you can get much closer to animals when you are on the water than you do when on land. We approached two Fish Eagles on the bank and watched for some time before on flew off, just clearing the other one.

We then witnessed something very special – two bull hippos fighting. With mighty groans, wide mouths and water splashing they sorted out their indifferences. When 1 bull backed away, the victor let out a mighty call – just letting everybody know who was still the boss.

Shortly thereafter, we watched two buffalo bulls having a bit of a go at each other, more in fun though.

One of the highlights of the boat trips is to watch elephants crossing the river and we were lucky to watch a breeding herd go across.

The whole herd approached the river, the front elephants stopped and drank  whilst waiting for all to come together. After a quick drink in they went. The adults have a lot of their backs above water, but the poor babies had just their trunks out of the water – a small periscope getting air.

On the other side they had a final drink before wondering off.

The sunlight was beginning to fade and we had felt well pleased with what we had seen and how much we had seen when our guide said Leopard. There she was walking slowly along the river bank and we were only about 10m away.

She climbed up onto some rocks a lay down to sleep. Our guide wasn’t having any of this and started to calling like a lion. This awoke the leopard who had a good look in our direction before going back to sleep.

The sun had already set, as we made our way back to Kasane and we all sat quietly trying to let everything that had happened over the last 3 hours sink in.

It had been an amazing end to what was an awesome trip of Ultimate Botswana

See more pics of our boat trip at: https://ourbots.wordpress.com/latest-photos/ultimate-botswana-trip/chobe-river-boat-trip/


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3 Responses to Ultimate Botswana: The Chobe River – part 5

  1. Bridgette & Geoffrey Flint says:

    Jealous as….!!!

  2. Sue says:

    A wowzer series of pictures. Thank you very much. Another destination on my wish list now. How super being so close to the Fish Eagles.

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