Incredible sighting at Orapa Game Reserve

A late afternoon game drive through Orapa Game Reserve turned out to be a very special trip with an amazing sighting.

We had just started going round the pan when we saw a cloud of dust, just ahead of us. Moving closer we saw a springbuck and 4 youngish jackals. The springbuck was physically fighting off the jackal with her horns, whilst the jackals were trying to dodge past her.

SpringbuckWe then saw why, out on the pan, fleeing for its life, was a newly born springbuck and mommy was trying to keep the jackals away from her baby.

Whilst the mother fought off one jackal another slipped past her and she had to make a desperate sprint to cut it off. This continued for some time. The baby actually turned and ran closely past our car into some bush.

With the baby close to our vehicle it seemed to put-off the jackals pursuit – well maybe it was because of Sue jumping out of the vehicle and shouting at the jackals. 🙂

With the jackals gone mommy went in search of baby – all ended well.

warthogThe rest of our drive was also amazing seeing 7 rhino at one spot and 22 at another.

We also saw the smallest baby warthogs you could see – must have been one of their first times out of their hole.




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6 Responses to Incredible sighting at Orapa Game Reserve

  1. Brett Gould says:

    What an amazing way to spend the day. To both you and Sue, I hope you have a wounderful Xmas and an even better new year.


    P.S : the plans for the Chobe and Zambia trip are all coming together. should be going up end April Next Year.

  2. Bridgette Flint says:

    Wow – well done Sue!!! What are you guys doing for Christmas?


  3. Rhona Page says:

    Great sightings – well done mama springbok and Sue – and how wonderful to hve so many rhino safe on the reserve!

  4. Suki says:

    Some would say the cycle of life but I am never one to want to see a kill so I applaud Sue. How lovely to see a “crash” of Rhino…In this age of them disappearing so fast the collective term is probably what we would do when seeing so many together!!Just LOVE the piggies and a smorgasboard of lovely pictures. Thank you for my breath of air from Africa.

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