Three Landys and a Toyota are bogged down onto their chassis between Kubu and Gweta

Anybody planning to go to the Makgadikgadi Salt Pans – beware. The four vehicles stuck spent the night on the pans last night and hopefully a rescue party will go in today.

Our rains were late, but they have come and in fact, we are ahead now of our seasonal rain compared to last rainy season.

The bush has been transformed and there is plenty of grazing for the animals andwild flowers can be seen all over.

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I have updated our weather page – see


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6 Responses to Three Landys and a Toyota are bogged down onto their chassis between Kubu and Gweta

  1. Suki says:

    Lovely to see the tiny colourful flowers coming out. May your rains be good and soaking.
    I have loaded this link to the Botswana Wildlife sightings page as lots wanting to travel – hope you don’t mind.

  2. Anonymous says:

    If only we could see some rain here. We wish. But it’s great to see the change in the Botswana landscape with the onset of water. Amazing. Hope the people stranded are able to get away safely. Generally people are well equiped for such eventualitites. Anne (Marloth Park, Kruger)

  3. Richard Bean says:

    Hi We are planning to take the drive from Kubu to Gweta on 26 June 2016. Any idea of how the road looks like



    Hi there
    Came across your site, and as luck would have it came across this post about 3 landy’s and a Toyota! Just to let you know, we survived! Struggled for 5 days making our way from kubu to zoroga village. It was one of the toughest most demanding trips of our lives. New appreciation for mud, showers, shovels, and the botswana police (who flew in on a spectacular helicopter). Just one of those things I guess. Kubu was dry when we arrived and water logged when we woke up the following morning. One bit of advice, no matter how well equipped you are, what’s required most is determination to get out. Don’t rely on anyone to assist, as it’s likely they will get stuck too.

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