Horned AdderHorned Adder:

Sue almost stepped on this young horned adder in our campsite. It was about 15 cm long and it had wormed a bit into the sand – making it very difficult to see

I gently relocated it to a more suitable location.

The picture doesn’t quite show how camouflaged it really is.  A very lovely looking snake.


At it again:

Photo0060On her way to work Sue saw an owl, just sitting on the side of the road. She was very surprised to see it in the same place on her way back from work, so she stopped and approached it, hoping it would fly off to a safer place. But it was unmoved.

The two of us went back, it was still there. It was a spotted eagle owl. We caught it easily 20160408_171301enough, but did see that it had an injured eye and wing. It had obviously been hit by a car the night before.

We have now got it and looking after it until it is ok to fly away. Battling a bit to get it to eat, but it did eat a bit last night. It loves to be stroked, its reactions are very similar to a cat.

Caterpillar Time:

100_5207It seems late, but caterpillars are out at the moment. The biggest giveaway of their position is small dung drops on the ground. Looking up into a tree you can see that the leaves have been eaten. But it takes a closer inspection to actually find the 100_5201caterpillar.
This is the caterpillar of one of the emperor moths, which is very closely related to the Mopane Moth (Mopane worm).

It is also eaten by humans, being prepared in exactly the same ways.

Sunday at Orapa Game Park:

We are so privileged to be able to go to this game park, which is a mere 30 minutes drive from us.

We were last there around Christmas and it was obvious that not much rain had fallen in this area. Everything was so dry. Since then the rain has come, and we were treated to pools of water all over, the bush was thick and green.

The wildflowers were out all over the park and there were plenty of butterflies.

The main pan was wall to wall with animals, such as zebra, wildebeest, impala, springbok, gemsbok and rhinos. I think the photos below sums up our day.

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5 Responses to Snippets

  1. Bridgette Flint says:

    Tough life Bro!! How are you guys doing? Steph has moved to Sydney – been there about a month – loving it! Justin has moved back home. Geoff and I are travelling heaps for work – I’ve just got back from Perth where I attended a conference – saw Carol and Lloyd briefly, as well as some old Xim friends. Geoff is in Sydney at the moment – also at a conference. All good here Luv B xx


  2. Suki says:

    Greetings from a fogged in Spring…sigh…UK. Amazing colouring that Adder. Bless you both for caring for the owl. Such fear among many people over them. Remember caterpillar hunting 🙂
    Chuckled at the Lion sign…was the “lion” holding a lion? I think my best picture in there are the pigs at the bus top. Pretty little blossoms. Nice share. Thanks.

  3. Suki says:

    Pete – please can you pop onto my posting on the FB page – Botswana’s Wild life Sightings – maybe I am not explaining how to get to your blog properly.

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