Hundreds of Queleas in Motion

Sue and I went to The Plot yesterday and were treated to hundreds of Red-billed Quelea coming in swarms to drink at our pond. Wave after wave the birds came in and left just as quickly; the noise of beating feathers was incredible.

Have a look at the photo’s below and look also on the branches, the numbers were just incredible.

I tried videoing it as well – just look past the dog who was not phased at all by the hundreds of birds.


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2 Responses to Hundreds of Queleas in Motion

  1. Suki says:

    Wow – they are chuffed you have a pond there. Careful or you will have ellies and hippos wading too. Glad you did the video as I could not make the birds out in the pictures. Those birds sure move around fast. I am glad you had the link to The Plot as I somehow had missed that. Looking really great. Much happiness to you guys with that.

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