In search of lions

Hearing that lions had been spotted in Orapa Game Reserve, of course we had to go and try find them. But being nomadic lions they might have already left or simply just finding 2 lions in 8000 odd hectares, we put our chances as slim to none.

We also took a friend of ours who had not yet seen a rhino in the Game Reserve. We searched as hard as we could for the lions, but the harder we looked the more rhino we found as well as plenty of general game.

We came across a patrol vehicle and asked them about the lions (by the way they were watching 2 rhino). They told us that the lions had left the reserve a couple of days back.

We carried on our drive and saw a further 10 rhino on top of the 17 we had already seen. We didn’t get to see lions but the game viewing was incredible – another great morning in the Park.

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5 Responses to In search of lions

  1. Iain Howse says:

    Hi Pete,

    Great pics – I was very surprised to see how many rhino are now in the Orapa Game Park! What precautions are being taken to guard against poachers?

    Thanks for the update.

    Iain Howse
    (Brisbane, Australia)

  2. Suki says:

    Super pictures. Great to see. When you say “watching” the rhino…I hope you mean guarding/checking up on?

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