Khumaga: Part 2

We woke early the next morning and got out just as the sun was beginning to rise. It was amazing that all the thousands of zebra we had seen the day before had just vanished and the bush was very quiet.

As we passed a game drive vehicle we asked if they had seen anything interesting, expecting the answer to be no. But is wasn’t, they had just seen a male lion, a lioness and a cub. The latter 2 had disappeared into thick bush, but the male and moved into the area we were in and they were looking for him.

We have been going to Khumaga for 4 years now and we have never seen lion. It was only on our last trip, which was in January of this year, that we heard a lion calling and found their tracks.

So we searched everywhere, scanning every bush, studying lots of logs through binoculars, but nothing. We were on the verge of giving up, when we spotted two shapes lying in thick bush. These weren’t logs.

There were 2 stunning male lions lying about 5 meters away from us. They were in thick bush but we did get a reasonable view of them. They did lift their heads, but they were intent on doing what lions do best – sleeping. This was the first time we have seen lions at Khumaga.

Elephants at KhumagaSomething else we saw for the first time at Khumaga was ostriches and over the next few days we saw plenty.

We did go back in the afternoon to see if we could find the lions, but they had obviously moved further off the road to find shade.

But the zebra were back, thousands again. So they obviously drank in the afternoons, then at night through to the mornings they headed to feeding grounds, getting back to the river in the afternoon.

Once again, the following morning there was the notable lack of zebra along the Boteti River.

The weather was just perfect and we just kept driving. As we were going along the river bed something dashed across the road a bit ahead of us, going up the bank. We caught up quickly and there was a lioness with 4 cubs. They sped to the top of the bank and disappeared into thick bush. In our excitement we didn’t even get a picture.

This was our first lioness at Khumaga and in fact the first time we have seen cubs in Botswana.

Coming up next: Another first for us at Khumaga, in search of disappearing zebra and an encounter with an elephant….

Part 3


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9 Responses to Khumaga: Part 2

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  2. Howard says:

    Ah it is a magic place ………

  3. Suki says:

    Do the Zebra do a migration or something?
    The lions sure have enough to eat there. Glad you guys had such wonderful sightings and heart stopping moments.

  4. Suki says:

    The Baobab on the side pictures is amazing – where do I see it larger?

  5. Suki says:

    Under the section recent posts – there is a pictures slide show but they are small and wondered where I could see the original big Baobab

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