Mayhem at the Vet

We don’t have a vet here in Letlhakane, but one comes from Francistown once a month, for a day, to neighbouring, Orapa. What a morning it was going to turn out to be.

We booked the first appointment of the day to get our new kitten neutered, but we discovered a lump on our German Shepherd, and one of our other dogs had irritable ears, so we were going to ask him to have a quick look at them.

Orapa, being a diamond town, you have to have a permit to get in and the vet had problems with his, so he ended up an hour late. This was going to throw his whole schedule out, so he wasn’t too amused to see our 3 animals, when we had only booked in 1.

Kitty was taken and operated on and we were asked to wait with the other two. Let me just mention here that the Vet has a single room and you wait outside at the cars. Obviously people were arriving for their appointments.

Two guys brought in this massive – huge, gigantic beast of a dog. I think it was a Mastiff cross, probably with a grizzly bear. This thing decided to attack our dogs. The owner could not hold it, he ploughed his feet into the ground and skidded across the sand. Our 2 dogs were on leads and I wrenched them backwards, whilst running backwards. Sue had to jump out the way.

I lost my footing and I fell onto my back. Looking up I saw this monster bearing down on us. I could just picture a massive dog fight with me in the middle. Fortunately it was at this point that the owner managed to get the animal under control.

We looked at the marks were the owner had skidded, he had literally skied for a few meters. Who needs a ski boat when you have a dog like that.

I have been charged by elephant, rhino and lion, but I have never been as afraid as I was then.

100_5350The lump on our German Shepherd was the bite mark of a Bont tick. It is a nasty guy that bites and affects the surrounding tissue, causing a lot of pain. If it is on a limb you might even go lame. We had caught it in time and the Vet cut it out.

The other dog had ear mites.

We were told that we were to place our kitten in a place like a toilet and totally leave him until 6 O’clock, by then he should be coming round. It was about 2, whilst we were having a couple of drinks to calm our nerves, that kitty strolled through our front door. He had climbed up the toilet, jumped through a high window and walked around. I guess he was awake and well.


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8 Responses to Mayhem at the Vet

  1. Anonymous says:

    Mr Morrison, these all will become a wonderful and fun book

  2. Bridgette says:

    Ha ha – never dull in Africa Pete!!

  3. Bridgette & Geoffrey Flint says:

    Pity you didn’t video it!!

  4. Suki says:

    Wonderful, quiet, easy trip then 🙂
    Glad kitty is okay – oh and the other too – oh and you guys too 🙂

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