The gift of water

At The Plot we get water delivered in a water bowser that brings in 8000l at a time. We only have storage for 7500l, so we get 500l that we can’t store. So when we were offered a 500l tank, that was not in use, we knew exactly what to do with it.

A while back I wrote about the old man, who does some work for me, and his water woes. See:

We needed water so we put our plan of surprising the old man with a full tank of water into action. The tank needed to stand on something, so I went and bought some bricks. Once the bricks were loaded it wasn’t difficult to see that the tank wouldn’t fit in, so I needed to take the bricks first to his house and then come back for the tank.

After off- loading and building a stand at the old man’s house he was a bit confused of what I was up to, but happy to have the bricks. The sand at his house is very thick and I wasn’t driving a 4×4 and hence I got very stuck.

We dug and dug, but it was only when some of the community came to see what was going on and all pushed I got out.

It was at this point that somebody explained to me that the old man was moving down the road and he would prefer his bricks there. Hence I drove back to the old man’s house , expecting to get stuck again, loaded the bricks again and then off loaded them again at his new house.

I waited for Sue to get back from work and with the tank we headed out to meet the water truck at the old man’s house. He looked confused as we took out the tank and put it on the stand while the truck reversed up. The tank was soon fill.

We left a very happy man.

Old man

If you look at the whole community there, it was a small token. They all battle terribly with water – It would be so great to be able in some way to help them all.


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3 Responses to The gift of water

  1. Brett Gould says:

    TO Pete and Sue, well done on helping the Old Man and the community with the water tank.You guys do the kind of things I wish I could do. Helping those who least expect it and deserve it the most. !0 out of 10 to you both.

  2. Bridgette & Geoffrey Flint says:

    You are such angels x

  3. Suki says:

    What a blessing all round. Brilliant.

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