Another Rescued Animal

Sue and I had a slow start to Sunday morning and I was just making breakfast when our day was about to change.

There was a loud squealing cry from close by and the dogs were going crazy at the fence. Sue immediately went to investigate and when I heard “OH MY WORD”, I realised our breakfast was going to be placed on hold.

Just the other side of the fence was the smallest little goat, so young it still had its umbilical cord. The dogs were trying to attack it through the fence.

I went out of our yard and looked for a herd of goats, as they are often near us. But this time nothing. I went past the baby down the road and it started following me, no goats there either.

The baby also had a sore leg, so more than likely it couldn’t keep up and was left behind.

So what to do. Stock theft is such a major crime in Botswana, so keeping it might cause problems. Furthermore it didn’t look like our dogs were taking to it so well. Plus we had to go to Francistown later that day.

I walked up to it, hoping it would run away, but it just rubbed itself against me. So guess what – I picked it up. I couldn’t keep standing outside. This could be tough bringing it into our yard with the dogs.

As I got through the gate the 3 dogs were all around me and I was surprised that a stern NO get them at bay.

DSC_0010Sue sat with the baby goat on her lap and not only were the 3 dogs all around her, but the 2 cats came running to see what this thing was. All the animals were just curious and our German Shepherd just kept on licking it. I think all were now getting used to new animals at our house.

Sue came up with a brilliant plan – we would first go to the police and notify them that we had it, like we did when we rescued a foal.

Basically telling them the story and that we didn’t really want the goat, but we did want it to live. If somebody reported it stolen we would happily hand it back to them.

DSC_0014This actually went incredibly smoothly and I did get the policeman’s name and number and made him stamp a piece of paper saying I did report it. I wasn’t taking any chances.

The next part of Sue’s plan was to get the Old Man that does some work for us to look after it. He has goats and he must have raised a baby or two.

It was a good move as he immediately took our milk bottle and got it to drink – something we hadn’t managed. We named the baby goat “Pudi” which is actually not that exciting as it means goat in Setswana.

I saw the old man this morning and he says Pudi is doing well and his leg is better.


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3 Responses to Another Rescued Animal

  1. Suki says:

    Bless, bless, bless. Good on Pudi knowing where to come!! No doubt about it. The universe is sending messages on where to head for help. Well done to you both.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Well at least you did not call it Stew! nice one guys, we had a pet goat for 14 years, bastard think was called “Nuisance” for obvious reasons, one goat demolition squad but was super fun

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