Too Cute



Sue, Pudi and The Old Man

Sue and I went to visit Pudi, the little goat we rescued, at the Old Man’s home.

He had heard our car and walked Pudi down to us (see video below). It was so sweet and they are both so cute.

You could immediately sense that Pudi had attached herself to the old man. Her leg was much better as well and she could walk now with only the smallest of a limp.


For some reason Kitty loves jumping into our fridge. I have check before I close the door each time. Maybe in summer he will just live in there.



Just had to have this. The cart painted in the colours of the Botswana flag is being pulled by a zebra – our national animal.

zebra cart


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One Response to Too Cute

  1. Suki says:

    Oh man, that is just sooooooooo cute. Bless the old man.
    I would be kitty in the fridge in your heat too!!
    Very good choice with the cart – soon we will have you guys as a collectors of things living – statue stop off point šŸ™‚

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