Celebrating Spring

Sue and I were sitting at our campsite at The Plot lapping up the environment and the beautiful warm weather we were having towards the end of July. We needed to share all this with our friends, so we decided to have a party – a spring day party.

The only problem is that the 1st September – well tomorrow – is a Wednesday. With the mine undergoing maintenance this coming weekend a lot of our friends would be busy with that, so we decided to celebrate Spring or the end of winter this last weekend.

We wanted to do a lamb on a spit, but we don’t own one. So we approached catering companies in the area and not one of them had one for us to hire. Finally, one of our friends said we could borrow her father’s one.

Finding a sheep actually was very easy. Our landlord and his son were here at the beginning of August and we of course invited them. We mentioned to them that we were going to do a lamb on the spit. They immediately told us we would use one of theirs from their farm and when it came to paying for it, they generously told us they wouldn’t accept any money from us.

It was a busy week prior to the big day, but things were going smoothly. I had finished the breads and pate’ we were going to serve and Sue had the salads under control.

We did, however, have a further hurdle to clear and this happened at the 11th hour. We had been promised a 9x9m tent by a hiring company. When they arrived at 4 o’clock the afternoon before our day time party with only a 3x3m gazebo we knew we needed to make a plan and quickly. They had simply overbooked themselves.

We own a 5x5m tent, which we made them put up for us and then with their gazebo and ours of the same size, we felt it wasn’t great, but we had enough shade for everybody.

The morning of the party started early as we wanted to serve lunch at roughly 1, so we had to get the fires going  for the lamb and it still needed to be mounted onto the spit. Our friend, Paul, as done numerous spits in the past and he took control and cooked the whole thing himself – what a star.

This gave Sue and I chance to set up things the way we wanted it. The only problem was that the wind was howling and table clothes, decorations and things were flying everywhere.

Of course this is Africa where nothing happens on time. When we felt that most people had arrived we dished up, which was about 3ish. All were very impressed by what we had achieved at The Plot. The food was great, the company excellent and we all enjoyed a few lemonades.

I really don’t know why the photos from the rest of the day were a bit blurry – something obviously wrong with the camera. 🙂


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One Response to Celebrating Spring

  1. Suki says:

    Oh how lovely – can smell from here. In Africa “one” just makes a plan, reverts to “whatever” time and voila’!! Chibuli’s all round. Raise a glass to all friends.

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