Catch Up

Generally the bush is very barren, all the Mopane trees have lost their leaves and there is no grass cover. But since the beginning of the month changes are happening almost everyday as we move into spring. Trees and bushes are beginning  to flower and you can see new leaves wanting to come out.

KnobthornOn our monthly trip through to Francistown we saw the beautiful Knobthorn trees (acacia nigrescens) and the Wild Pears (Dombeya rotundifolia) in flower.

We also spotted our first Yellow-billed Kite of the season. We generally see them towards Francistown before here and they are meant to indicate that winter is finally over. But a cold front has hit us.

It came in last night, the wind has been howling and cold ever since and we woke to a cloudy sky this morning.

The Kite’s have now reached Letlhakane as Sue saw the first one, for us, this morning on her way to work.

This time of the year really makes gardening rewarding as plants that looked dead, now suddenly have leaves and flowers are beginning to appear. We even have a wild bush at The Plot which has come out with the most amazing yellow flowers. The grasses are also going green.

With the strong winds the dust just flies everywhere which creates the most incredible sunsets. The sun almost doubles its size and goes from orange to all shades of yellow, to reds. It also on occasions disappears in the dust before it reaches the horizon.

We now just wait for the first rains.




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5 Responses to Catch Up

  1. Bridgette and Geoffrey Flint says:

    Hi Bro

    Spring is such a beautiful time of year – wish it would last! Summer gets a bit challenging!! We’ve also had a cold front hit us – amazing how similar the climates of Southern Africa and Aus are! Hope you are all well. Geoffrey is travelling heaps – S Korea, Hong Kong, UK, now in Perth – off to Indonesia soon. I’m going to SA 10-17 Oct to see mom – Helen will be there too. Steph has moved in with her boyfriend in Sydney – he is very nice – plays professional NRL (National Rugby League) – Geoffrey is not that happy with his choice of code though!! Justin is still living at home – half his time he is here with his lovely girlfriend Jay, and the other half he’s over at her parent’s house. They don’t ever seem to argue – much like you and Sue 🙂 I’m on long service leave till beginning of Jan – SO nice not to have to go to work for a while!!

    Lots of love to you all B xx

  2. Suki says:

    Here’s hoping that you soon get enough soaking gentle rain that makes you guys and the countryside bloom. Not had a blog on all your household animals for a while. Still a pets hotel? 🙂
    In the UK we have a summer day, then a winter day & 4 seasons in one day scenarios…
    Getting ready for my 3 week hols in Africa – cannot wait.
    Take care out there.

    • PeteMorrie says:

      Hi Suki

      A first touch of rain – but only at the plot – 1mm

      We are still a pet hotel, nothing new. Somebody was looking for a home for a dog, but we gratefully declined.

      Where are you going in Africa? – enjoy

      • Suki says:

        Will go in to Cape Town to see a poorly pal, up into the Karoo as I have won a few nights accommodation, fly PE to Jhb. Stay with brother there & see various friends then a few days in Pilanesberg. Thank you. Not been back anywhere in Africa for a year and my soul needs it.

  3. PeteMorrie says:

    sounds good – enjoy

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