Dijara Trip: Part 2

Sunrise at Dijara

The sun came up on day 2 of our trip, it was a lovely morning and we were in such a stunning setting.

Today we were to finish setting up our camp then just relax in it and see what animals would come to the river. If you would like to see what our set-up looks like have a look at Our home away from home

Apart from continuous checks that the solar panels were in the sun, batteries out of the sun and the battery voltage was correct, it was a relaxing day around camp.

We had a number of visits from elephant during the day and 1 even enjoyed a dust bath across the river from us.

A number of water birds were feeding in the river and the stunning Lilac Breasted Roller sat on a log then took off quickly to catch an insect then back again.

Hippo moved up and down the river, but kept underwater as they came passed our camp.

We also saw waterbuck, giraffe, vervet monkeys and warthogs.

During the heat of the day an elephant took cover in the shade of a big tree across the river from us. The incredible thing was he was about 30m from us, but apart from a foot and trunk, now and again, we couldn’t see this massive animal. After a nap, of about an hour, he moved off.

Not a bad restaurant

Not a bad restaurant

It had been a day exactly as we hoped for – it was rounded off with an excellent dinner of prawns.

Every evening of stay as the sun went down frogs started calling; they sounded just like a Japanese wind chime.

Part 3 – high winds and more of the big 5 to follow.


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5 Responses to Dijara Trip: Part 2

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  2. Bev says:

    Hi Pete & Sue, love reading your comments on your travels – so envious of the lifestyle you live. Can you advise what the approx. travelling time and distance to Dijara from Maun. Look forward to your response. Regards Bev

  3. Suki says:

    How absolutely beautiful and what soul food. Prawns looking good too. Tree and elephant cool.

  4. Bridgette and Geoffrey Flint says:

    What a fantastic life you have Bro!

    Love to all B x


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