Dijara Trip: Part 3

We woke early on day 3 to find that our batteries for our freezer/fridge were low, so we decided to take the fridge on a game drive, hence it could run off the car and the batteries would have time to charge using the solar panels.

It was a beautiful morning and as we drove towards the Khwai Community Reserve we saw plenty of giraffe, elephants and other general game along the main road.

Khwai CommunityIt was the first time we had been to the Khwai river in this area and it was stunning.

Large open flood plains had a host of animals feeding on the short grass, drinking, or in the case of elephants, bathing in the water.


Hippos could be seen in patches all along the river and the birdlife was wonderful.

After following the river for some time we turned to head back to Dijara. We were suddenly hit by a howling wind, which was vicious and the dust with it was horrific, with visibility dropping to 10 m at places.

We really hoped that our camp site was protected and that all of our equipment was ok. All was not fine, our extension tent had fallen and, of most importance, our solar panels had blown over and lying upside down – so the batteries had not charged.

The wind howled all day and we spent a lot of time re-erecting our tent and our fridge was just getting warmer and warmer. When the wind finally dropped and the camp owner lending us a charged battery our life was rejuvenated.

We went to bed that night to the call of the frogs and lions roaring nearby. What more do you need. That night we had a hyena sniffing around our camp.

The next morning, there was no wind and it was a very tranquil environment. Some impala were barking their warning call to all. I took the binoculars and looked downstream, there stood a beautiful, massive lion. He stood there for a few minutes, just watching us, before moving off.

Was this a sign that we were going to have another great day. But with a warming fridge and strong winds picking up, the day had its own agenda. We were now worrying about food going off.

We did have a few visitors during the day, as the photos below show:

Day 6 of our trip with the wind picking up and the fridge getting warmer. Sue turned around to me and asked if we were going on a game drive. Even though it was a bit late to go on a drive, I think we both just needed to get out of camp.

However what a drive it was going to be …… Part 4 


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2 Responses to Dijara Trip: Part 3

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  2. James & Gina says:

    Absolutely magnificent!!! Thank you SO much for sharing this. James & Gina 🙂

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