Dijara Trip: Part 4

It was day 5 of our trip and after putting solar panels out, the wind started to blow. We decided to go on a game drive. The tent could get blown away, everything could get covered in dust again and fridge could boil – we were tired of all of  this, we needed a break.

dsc_0153Still within Dijara we saw the regular elephants, giraffe and impala, but also saw a honey badger, which was busy digging, looking for food.

Even though this was not the best time to go on a game drive, as it was already beginning to get hot, we found lots of general game along the main road. For the first time this trip we got an excellent view of zebra. One foal hardly moved as we took pictures of it before passing by.

Once again there were lots of elephants, giraffe and impala. The quick site of eland was special and the little steenbucks always nice to see.

We once again went down to the Khwai River and drove along the river for sometime. The river and its banks once again hosted plenty of animals, birds and reptiles (crocs, monitor lizard and sand snake).

Just at the point where the road turns inland from river we spotted lions lying underneath a tree, there were 5 females and 1 male. They were doing what lions do best – sleeping. The most activity we saw was one lioness rolling onto her back and lying with her legs in the air.


Heading back to camp we came across a breeding herd of elephants with one very small calf. Trying to get a picture of it was difficult as its mother and others kept it well protected from us.

dsc_0193We had a beautiful sunset that evening to mark our last day at this stunning location.

Apart from the wind, with its dust and fridge problems, we had, had a wonderful stay. We had seen 3 of the big five from our camp as well as plenty other game.

I have drawn up lists of all the animals and birds that we saw and marked those we saw from our camp with an asterisk. It is quite amazing how much we actually saw from camp.

Dijara is an amazing place to visit and the owner, Andre, is a star. His friendliness and his constant help with our fridge was amazing.

However, our problems and game viewing weren’t over. As we headed home the normal elephants, hippo and waterbuck were at the water and then a bit further on we came across a massive herd of zebra, wildebeest and eland. The eland were just stunning to see.

As we got onto the tar I stopped to check that our tyres were all fine, they were. But not even a km down the road I saw in my side mirror that our trailer tyre had blown. With the help of some friendly Motswana we were back on our way again.

Our last bit of excitement for the trip was to see a massive herd of elephants crossing the road between Khumaga and Rakops.


What a trip.

More photos of the trip at: https://ourbots.wordpress.com/latest-photos/dijara-september-2016/


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7 Responses to Dijara Trip: Part 4

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  2. Andre De Jager says:

    Hey Pete great photos and narration ,but you are now offically banned from Dijara ,reason you did not share your prawns with me .Thanks for your kind words and great write up .Hope to see you both soon .

  3. PeteMorrie says:

    Hi Andre – that was night 1 when you were still man down. Banned or not we will be back

  4. Stranger says:

    Dijara on my bucket list

  5. 0823644746 says:

    Hi Pete Morrie,Just when you think you cant find anymore out of the way campsites,someone posts about one.Thanks a ton for that.Will defiantly look at this one,It looks fantastic.Did you have to pre-book it? Valda Cox valdacox53@gmail.com

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