Welcome to November

November is known to be one of our hottest months of our year. We woke this morning at 4h45 and our temperature was 31 C. Just to mention that Johannesburg, which is claimed to be going through a heat wave, is to have a maximum today of 30C – we were already higher than that.

Yesterday we went up to 46.9 C and we are still waiting for good rains. All the details at:  https://ourbots.wordpress.com/letlhakane-weather/

It seems to be a norm that at this time of the year we have water problems. Last year around this time I wrote about “The Old man and his goats” and water problems we were all experiencing. This year it’s no different.

Our storage tank has already run dry once and today we are only half full, but with no water, presently, topping it up.

The problem is 2 fold. The first being – with the high heat, the demand for water is higher. And the second being – Letlhakane is growing at such a rapid rate, the demand for water is far greater than supply.

We have a friend who works for the water utilities here in Letlhakane and he says our whoes should be overcome when the 2 new boreholes they are inserting come online, but this will only be mid to late November.

Where he lives he has minimal water and him, and his wife, wait until 23hoo to fill up containers from a dripping tap as that is the only time and water they are getting. Maybe he will get water utilities to get a move on with the boreholes.



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One Response to Welcome to November

  1. Suki says:

    Yikes – every drop counts.
    Beat that temp when I was in the Karoo – Tweefontein farm – 48 😦 my head nearly came off…
    Back in the UK and battled by non stop rain from storm Angus – makes me think back to my dry trip. Sad for the parched landscapes.

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