A Bots Wedding & Meeting the President

This is basically the continuation of our Gweta visit where our friend Tsoane Nkarabang was paying magadi (lebola) for his wife to be. (See the post https://ourbots.wordpress.com/2016/10/24/a-weekend-full-of-culture-and-wildlife/ ).

It was now time for the actual wedding, which was being held at his family home in Gaborone, our capital, some 5 hour drive from Letlhakane.

The night before the wedding Gaborone experienced heavy rains and the massive marquee was flooded. When we arrived there was chaos as they now had to put down a raised wooden floor over an area of roughly half a rugby field.

Hours passed so Sue and I snuck out to our car for a lemonade as the bridal party was still busy with wedding pictures elsewhere. In the distance we could hear police sirens, then two police bikes came into view followed by two black cars. We were surprised when they turned into the house.

As Tsaone is the PA to the president we half expected the president to be at the wedding or at least make an appearance, so we were confident that this was him.

By the time we got back from our car the president had been taken into the house and a large bodyguard stood at the front door. When Tsaone’s father returned I mentioned to him that Sue and I would like to meet the President. He giggled and went inside.

Shortly he returned and called us to come inside. It was a great honour for us to meet and shake hands with President Ian Khama as we have so much respect for the way he runs this country and in particular his conservation and security policies.

The bride and groom eventually arrived and groom jumped out and started to perform a dance. After a while his best man suggested that maybe he should get his wife out of the car.

The two of them went into the house, obviously to see the President, whilst we all waited outside. I got myself in a good position to take photos of all when they came back out.

As I looked at the house a large gentleman was pointing in my direction, so I swung around to see who he was pointing at. I couldn’t see anybody behind me that was responding, so I looked at him again and he was still pointing in my direction. I checked behind me again, nobody. So I pointed at myself and he nodded. Still not convinced that it was actually me he wanted I turned around again and as nobody was doing anything. I thought that I better go to him.

The official photographer was missing and I was asked to go in and take photos of the Bride and Groom with the president.

Botswana President

The President left shortly after that and bridal party led the crowd into the marquee for the celebrations.



As we had already been there for 3 hours in the heat and we couldn’t find a seat in the marquee Sue and I made a quite departure.

Driving back to our hotel we passed the main football stadium and looking at the stands it would seem that there were more people at the wedding than watching soccer.



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