Orapa Game Park Update

As my last post on Orapa Game Reserve turned out to be of interest to a lot of readers of this blog I am going to do an update on the present conditions in the Park.

Orapa Game ParkSue and I went last Sunday again, a week after I reported that the park was flooded. The water had dropped substantially, but there was still plenty of water all over.

The areas where the water had gone was now covered by a beautiful green lawn.

This lush green grass attracted a lot of animals and the main pan was full of springbuck, zebra, wildebeest and gemsbuck.

If you look carefully at the picture of the gemsbuck, you will notice 3 rhino behind the right 3 gemsbuck. Something I only noticed when looking at the picture – we didn’t notice them at the time 🙂

We did, however, actually see 3 other rhino.

Once again we had a wonderful day.


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7 Responses to Orapa Game Park Update

  1. Peter and Carolyn says:

    Very exciting news about all the rain. Everyone must have done their dances to the Rain Gods just the right way this time. Even the animals must have got involved.

    My wife and I have a trip planned through northern Botswana in March/April and are looking forward to seeing your land looking a lovely green for a change. Let’s hope you get more rain through this month and next.

    Best wishes from the west coast rain forest city of Vancouver, Canada, where lately we have had way too much snow and more is expected yet.

  2. Peter and Carolyn says:

    Thank you for the update with the fabulous pictures of all the happy animals.


  3. Suki says:

    Such gorgeous green showing. Hope the water has sunk in really well. Lovely animal sightings.

  4. Pieter says:

    HI Pete wonderful news about the rain Botswana is very close to my heart I spend a lot of time there, just a Q is Orapa open to the normal public, I was under the impression that is was only for the mine employees. Regards Pieter

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