Central Kalahari Game Reserve Warning

If you are planning a trip to Central Kalahari Game Reserve in the next couple of months, please take note of the below:

From the Botswana Government Page.


The public is advised that road conditions in the Kalahari Game Reserve are very bad due to heavy rains.

Driving in the park is not advisable at this time, therefore those who choose to drive in the park are advised to use no less than two vehicles.

The public is further advised that in case they get stuck in the park, they should remain in their vehicles and not try to walk to any nearest place as there are dangerous animals, especially elephants and lions that may prey on them.

Moreover everyone going into the park should make sure they are equipped with adequate supply of food, water and any other supplies and equipment which they may need in case they get stranded.

Other tourists are encouraged to help those who may need assistance. It will be better to cancel all planned self-drives until the weather conditions improve.

For any enquiries call +267 6530084 /+267 71400304


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10 Responses to Central Kalahari Game Reserve Warning


    Hi there
    We have planned a trip for khutse in April. Does the same warning apply ? What are the conditions around khutse ?


  2. PeteMorrie says:

    I would assume so – Botswana has had excellent full spread rains

  3. David19 says:

    Hi there,

    do you think it will still be a problem in May?


  4. Sue Viljoen says:

    ….and yet folk still went and got stuck

  5. Martha says:

    Hi Pete
    We plan to visit Sunday Pan and Piper Pan from 3 April. We would love to hear your opinion and some advice.
    Kind regards

  6. Manuela Oppermann says:

    Any news on the road conditions in CKGR currently.?

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