Cyclone Dineo

The cyclone hit the coast of Mozambique, causing a lot of damage and deaths. Hitting land it started to slow down. By the time it got to the Kruger National Park, reports showed that it was not as bad as expected.

As it still had some distance to go before entering Botswana we were beginning to think not much was going to happen here. However, with predicted rain, Sue and I went to The Plot on Thursday evening and planted about 10 trees.

The cyclone, now downgraded to a tropical depression, was meant to reach us, here in Letlhakane, at 11h00 on Friday, but at 11 it was cloudy with no sign of rain. Then at 12h30 it started raining and we had lovely soaking rain on and off the whole afternoon.

Cyclone Dineo

The main part of the storm came through early Saturday morning, but it was amazing as it was all just soaking rain. Not violent storms.

It rained constantly the whole of Saturday morning , then on and off in the afternoon, before clearing in the evening.

In total we had an amazing 160mm at The Plot 150mm falling in a 20 hour period. This takes The Plot’s rainfall to 671.5mm so far this season.


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One Response to Cyclone Dineo

  1. Sue Viljoen says:

    How lovely for you both. Glad that it was not the torrents that others have got, washing away precious top soil and causing damage.

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