And then came the rain

For over 2 months we have hardly seen the sun – the rain has just been amazing.

The rainfall figures (in mm) are just incredible, especially since our average annual rainfall is 250mm:

Nov Dec Jan Feb Total
Letlhakane 43 73.5 134 181.5 436
The Plot 59.5 168.5 174 353.5 760.5

The whole of Botswana has had excellent rains and Gaborone Dam is overflowing – the first time in 16 years.


For some it hasn’t been that pleasant:

All this in a country where 85% of the land is part of the Kalahari Desert.

I have updated our weather page



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2 Responses to And then came the rain

  1. Stephen says:

    Hi Pete

    This is simply amazing! We did Kubu (from Letlhakane) and drove on the pans to Gweta (then Maun) last year in May and it was bone dry!………

    How I wish to be there to see this!



    Stephen Claassen

    Centurion South Africa

  2. Sue Viljoen says:

    Wow – very glad that rains have come but hope that some at least soaks in and that the top soil is not all taken away. Never rains but pours shown in those pictures. Take care in all of that.

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