March: What a month

The driest and coldest March ever, Sue breaks ribs and punctures her lung, we escape a flooded Botswana to the sea and another rescued animal.

Climate update:

After the excellent rains we experienced from Christmas last year through to the end of February, we have had basically nothing this month. It is by far the lowest rainfall figures I have recorded for March (since 2014).

Figures also show that it has been the coldest March we have experienced since we have been here with respect to the average maximum and average minimum temperatures.

We did however get good rain last night, 30mm here at our home in Letlhakane. It came with hail as well.

To see our latest figures see Letlhakane Weather and The Plot Rainfall

Sue breaks ribs:

A relaxed Sunday morning turned into a nightmare when Sue slipped on our tiled floor and went crashing into a metal chair.

Such a simple accident caused 3 broken ribs and 1 pierced her lung. Basically what happens when you pierce a lung is that when you breath in, air escapes into your chest cavity. This air has no escape route and puts pressure on your lung from the outside and causes it to collapse – which could lead to loss of life.

After a painful procedure to get a pipe through her side into her chest cavity to get the air out, she had a very worrying and painful 5 days in hospital.

She recovered well and even though she is still in pain, she is doing well.

Holiday to the sea

With a flooded Botswana we decided to go to the sea. Some Island hopping in Mozambique was wonderful and offered Sue more recovery time.

Another rescued animal

The final event happened at the end of the month when I was up at The Plot doing some work. All of a sudden our dogs went crazy and one emerged with a hedgehog in his mouth. Shouting at him encouraged him to drop it.

The hedgehog is also recovering well.


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2 Responses to March: What a month

  1. Sue Viljoen says:

    Oh ouch – broken ribs are nasty. Hoping Sue and Hegie both heal fast. Glad you guys got a break. I have just come back from 2 weeks in SA. Game reserves great but Jhb worse than Nov last year….

  2. Anonymous says:

    Never a dull moment Pete!
    Pleased to hear all is going well now after all the trials and tribulations!!
    B x

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