At night at Moriti and fun on the Pans

This last weekend a friend of ours, Pierre, celebrated his 50th Birthday at Moriti Wa Selemo which is situated in a forest bordering the Makgadikgadi Salt Pans.

To get to the pans we went through the cute little village of Mosu, which is right on the edge of the pans and massive palms can be seen all over, giving a tropical beach feel to it.


We first had to stop to collect some freshly cooked magwinya, which is very similar to the traditional Afrikaans vetkoek. A bread dough formed into a ball and fried. We were told that the best one’s were made in a little hut, next to a tuck shop. They were very good.

It was then onto the pans, which were drying out, but moist in places. Water could be seen in the distance. We drove out onto the pans, put up a gazebo and that was camp.

Our friends had brought quad bikes which Sue and I borrowed so we could try and find flamingoes, but with no luck. It was however fun just riding the bikes across the pans.

There was also a piece of conveyer belt that was attached to the back of a car and we had fun being towed around on that.

From the pans we headed up to Mmakgama Ruins, which has a stunning view over the salt pans. Plenty of water could be seen.

A nice evening braai at Moriti Wa Selemo rounded off a great day.






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One Response to At night at Moriti and fun on the Pans

  1. Sue Viljoen says:

    Oh my – what an experience. Great photos. Interesting “new” food. Looks yummy.

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