Do you know what a Toggenburg is? Well we own one

Last Saturday Sue and I did all our running around and then decided to pop in at our annual farmers day. It was not being held at the normal place and if there wasn’t somebody stopped at the old place we would never had known it had moved and would have gone home.

Toggenburg GoatThere were a number of stalls and animals in pens waiting to be auctioned. A few animals caught our eye, but in particular one goat. It was not the normal looking goat we find around here.

The auction hadn’t started and we had looked around all the stalls – bored we decided to head on home. I had just settled down to watch rugby when Sue said she would like to go back to the farmers day and see what was happening.

The auction had started and hearing some of the prices I just thought that this was out of our league. However we did register and got our bidding number.

Lot 56 was brought into the arena, it was the goat that had caught our eye. Sue told me our limit, my price was a bit higher and I had the bidding number. Well we flew past Sue’s figure and approached and past my figure. However to Sue’s dismay I bidded one more time.

Somebody went higher. I gave in. The auctioneer then offered me a much smaller increase. I sat and thought about it and thought what the hell. I lifted my number. It was never beaten and we became the owners of a Toggenburg Goat.

A Toggenburg goat is a dairy goat that originates from the Toggenburg valley in Switzerland. They are credited as being the oldest known dairy goat breed.

We didn’t know it was a dairy goat, all we knew it was cute and different. The weekend was about to get a whole lot more hectic. We didn’t have anything for it to eat, we didn’t know were it was going to live and didn’t have a clue how to look after a goat. What had we just done.

Our Sunday was very interesting. I will tell you about it and the week so far next time.


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One Response to Do you know what a Toggenburg is? Well we own one

  1. Suki says:

    Oh my. That is going in a different direction! Goats are cute, funny but oh boy do they eat everything and anything, they are also well known prima donnas. I look forward to many funny and ouch einaaa articles. Good luck.

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