10 days of being goat farmers

When people now ask what line of work I am in, I now answer that I am a farmer. Then asked what I farm – I say a goat. Well that’s now 2 goats.

We went to collect our Toggenburg Goat the day after the auction. To our surprise we couldn’t believe how easy it was getting her in the car.

We decided that she would live at our house in Letlhakane and be part of the family. I wasn’t too concerned about introducing her to our dogs as I have already got them to like cats.

Our one cat sprinted away when he saw the goat, but not so far so that he could watch this new addition carefully.

But it was not to be and mainly because of the goat. She was petrified of the dogs and every noise around, such as cars driving passed. So we decided to take her to The Plot where we have fenced an area for our house.

She settled in well and followed us around, feeding as she went. The only problem with this was that she was going to be alone.

The “old man” that works for me has got goats so I went and negotiated with him that we could borrow a goat from him until we got a mate for our goat. She is now called Togo, after her breed name.

He agreed and it was time to reunite with Pudi. A baby, baby goat we had rescued and had got him to rear, that was about a year ago. See https://ourbots.wordpress.com/2016/08/16/another-rescued-animal/

The two goats are getting on very well and are always together, which makes us feel much better. Pudi is a naughty kid (excuse the pun), he jumps on everything and eats whatever.

Below is a video of Pudi climbing on a cover I was trying to put up to give them protection against the sun.

I go up every morning to check on them and then Sue and I go up every afternoon as well. As you can see below – goat farming is not that difficult.

Sue watching over our flock


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3 Responses to 10 days of being goat farmers

  1. Anonymous says:

    AG SO QUITE!!!

  2. Bridgette Flint says:

    Hilarious! Love it!! Can’t wait to see you guys in action!


  3. Sue Viljoen says:

    Ha ha…wait…they are still settling in. More escapades to come 🙂

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