A Botswana Appetizer

With good friends of ours coming to visit us for the first time, since we have lived in Botswana, we needed to give them a brief introduction to this amazing country.

They spent their first two nights at our home in Letlhakane, just to see where and how we lived. The comprehensive tour of our village probably took about 20 minutes, which was longer than normal as we had to stop and wait for a herd of goats to cross the road.

The main attraction of our area is undoubtedly Lekhubu Island (or simply Kubu Island).  Even so close to us, we haven’t been for at least a year, so it was going to be a pleasure for me to see it again. And this time we were going to see something I haven’t seen out there and in fact very few times in my lifetime.

We set out just after sunrise and still by the time we got to the edge of the Makgadikgadi Salt Pans there was a murkiness in the air. This obstructed the beautiful view over the pans, but this soon dissipated and the vast white pans opened up for miles all around us.

In the distance we could see Lekhubu Island towering above the pans and as we drew closer the massive baobabs and star chestnut trees came into view. It doesn’t matter how many times you have visited  the island – it is always spectacular. It’s starkness, at this time of year, with its massive rocks and trees in the middle of nowhere is just incredible.

After telling our friends that Sue and I have only once ever seen any animals en-route to or from the island we were in for an amazing treat.

Early one morning returning from Lekhubu after camping there for a blue moon , Sue and I saw a herd of springbuck just off the edge of the pans. But on this trip we had already seen jackal and a steenbuck.

As we returned to Letlhakane, I noticed something different in the road just a head of us. As we neared we saw it was a Caracal – some people incorrectly call it a linx. The incredible thing was that it was not even perturbed about us and just carried on walking at the same pace. Unfortunately I didn’t have our “wildlife camera” with we, but I did manage to capture it with our “aim and shoot” camera. Sorry for the poor picture below, but you can make out a caracal.

Caracal Makgadikgadi salt Pans

If this was the start of our friends trip – I couldn’t wait for the rest and what a great holiday it turned out to be.

To be continued….



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4 Responses to A Botswana Appetizer

  1. Iain says:

    Wow Pete,

    That’s a great sighting – in our 12 years in Bots, we never had the privilege.

  2. John Maxwell says:

    What a sight! Good luck to you.
    John and Ann


    Nice to see your blog again! I am sure there are many more adventures to be told…..

  4. Suki says:

    Love these outings

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