A Botswana Appetizer: Part 2

Well it is almost becoming a trend; if it is the end of September and Independence Weekend here in Bots there is a good chance to find Sue and I in Chobe National Park and more specifically close to the Chobe River.

So with our trailer packed it was off to show our South African friends our favourite city in Botswana, Kasane. It is situated right on the doorstep of Chobe National Park, on the Chobe River and often animals are seen in town or very close to it.

Kasane is Botswana’s most northerly city and right in the corner where Namibia, Zambia, Botswana and Zimbabwe almost meet. The Zambia/Botswana border is the world’s shortest at a mere 150m.

We were very fortunate to get the only campsite, in Kasane, that looks over the park, it was also right on the river.

From camp, we saw plenty of buffalo, elephant, crocs and hippo on the banks, islands and in the river itself. We were also visited by unwanted baboons, monkeys and the more wanted bushbuck (with baby), warthog and banded mongoose.

It almost goes without saying that the sunsets were just magnificent, something that the Chobe River is famous for.

And undoubtedly the food was all restaurant standard.

Kasane camping

A caracal at Lekhubu Island and the best campsite in Kasane – this was turning into an amazing trip.

Well we didn’t just drive all the way to Kasane to sit around camp – there was the Chobe National Park to explore, Victoria Falls to see and a sunset boat cruise to do.

Sue had this great idea that we would leave Botswana and go into Zimbabwe to see Victoria Falls, then cross into Zambia for lunch at the Royal Livingstone, then return back to Botswana. So 3 countries in one day. On paper it sounded amazing.

Have you ever heard of a SABENA? I was asked way back if I knew what Sabena Airways stood for and told that it was Such A Bloody Experience Never Again. Well this word stuck for Sue and I and what a SABENA that tour turned out to be.

More next time….


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12 Responses to A Botswana Appetizer: Part 2

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  2. Lieselotte says:

    Hi, sounds like you had a lovely trip up north! My husband & I would love to go back to Kasane as well. Can we ask the name of your campsite in Kasane? Last time we stayed a bit further away in Senyati, which was also lovely, but maybe we would prefer to stay closer next time. Thanks for sharing! Cheers, Liz.

    • PeteMorrie says:

      Hi Liz

      We stayed at Chobe Safari Lodge – campsite 13 – PS I have already booked it for end Sept – early Oct next year 🙂

      I have stayed in Senyati – yes a lovely place. But rules everywhere you look and too far out of town. I wouldn’t recommend it.


  3. Keramicalia Admin says:

    Hi Pete and Sue,

    Kasane sounds wonderful.

    I am thinking about starting a depot in Gaborone, if it is successful.



  4. Anne Scotting says:

    Hey you two – it all sounds wonderful. The pics are amazing. Love to both. Anne & Brian

  5. Rob Kerr says:

    Hi Pete and Sue,

    Hope you are well?

    Thank you for upsetting my weekend! But then again we did have good rains in Gauteng (Centurion).

    My wife and I love Kubu and have fond memories of Kasane and encounters with elephants.

    My wife has requested that on her departure her ashes be spread 50% over Kubu and the other half in Woolworths!

    In all seriousness do you perhaps know when the Baobabs flower, either at Kubu or Planet Baobab. It is something we would love to see.

    Is there someone who we can ask or who can notify us?


    Rob and Pat Kerr


    • PeteMorrie says:

      Hi Rob and Pat

      Sorry I ruined your weekend. We went to Gweta late October and there were Baobabs in flower then. Why don’t you contact Planet Baobab or Gweta Lodge.


  6. Pieter says:

    HI Pete, are you well, I suppose this is actually a stupid question as you just came back from a nice break, (ha ha) which camp did you stay at.

    How are you plans going with your camp sites?

    Will still come and visit you


    Pieter Swarts

    Ntate Africa

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