A New Toggenburg Goat

Togo our ewe

It was definitely time to find our Toggenburg ewe a mate. We have had her for just over a year now and we could see signs that she was on heat, calling out to other goats in the area.

A local Motswana goat was not what we were looking for; it had to be the same breed, a Toggenburg.

So off we went to our local livestock auction, which gets held twice a year here. There were 4 bucks up for auction and we fancied the lightish coloured one (darkest being black) as Togo is very light in colouration.

We successfully out bid everybody else and now we are the proud owners of this little guy (about 4 months old)

toggenburg goat Botswana

Now we just are waiting for grandkids.




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1 Response to A New Toggenburg Goat

  1. S Viljoen says:

    He’s very handsome. I hope she likes him 🙂

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