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An Introduction to Botswana 3

We had already had a good morning in Chobe National Park, having seen 4 of the big 5 and we still had the evening river cruise to do. These boat trips have always been a highlight of any of our … Continue reading

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Interesting Trees on The Plot

Buffalo Thorn – Ziziphus mucronata This must be one of my favourite trees owing to the spiritual beliefs around it. In Afrikaans it is called the Blink-blaar-wag-‘n-bietjie , which translated means shiny-leaf-wait-a-bit. The thorns occur in pairs – one pointing straight forward and … Continue reading

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Botswana Rocks

Last night at 19h40 we were shaking as Botswana was hit by a 6.5 magnitude earthquake. It was seriously scary and the main tremors went on for about 5 minutes. Sue ran outside – the best place to be. Hearing our … Continue reading

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And then came the rain

For over 2 months we have hardly seen the sun – the rain has just been amazing. The rainfall figures (in mm) are just incredible, especially since our average annual rainfall is 250mm: Nov Dec Jan Feb Total Letlhakane 43 … Continue reading

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Another Warning

Cyclone Dineo to trigger weekend downpours, floods in Botswana Heavy rains of up to 100 millimetres in 24 hours, as well as possible floods are due in the North East, Central and Gantsi districts starting on Friday, as a tropical … Continue reading

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A Bots Wedding & Meeting the President

This is basically the continuation of our Gweta visit where our friend Tsoane Nkarabang was paying magadi (lebola) for his wife to be. (See the post ). It was now time for the actual wedding, which was being held at his … Continue reading

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A Weekend Full of Culture and “Wildlife”

This last weekend Sue and I went to Gweta where a friend of ours handed over lebola to his future in-laws. In Botswana this is called magadi,  and it is the equivalent of a bride price or dowry. Getting married in Botswana is … Continue reading

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