Central Kalahari Game Reserve 2015

Kori Camp Central Kalahari Game Reserve

Camp life

Lions Central Kalahari Game Reserve


Birds Central Kalahari Game Reserve



3 Responses to Central Kalahari Game Reserve 2015

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  2. Theo says:

    Hi Guys, We have been invited to visit the Deception Valley camp with friends during April 2017. It will be our first visit to Central Kalahari. We have travelled the Moremi and Chobe and visited Kubu Island, approaching from Nata’s side. We always tow our beloved Xplorer caravan wherever we go, but our friends suggested that we should think twice before towing it to Deception Valley Campsite. We will be approaching from Rakops. I noticed the Venter trailer in your photos and was wondering what your opinion would be on towing the Xplorer there? Our tow vehicle is a 100 series V8 Cruiser.

    • PeteMorrie says:

      Hi Theo

      You will easily make it with your caravan. The last time I went there they had fixed the road.

      However on saying that – with all the rain we have had this year, I would be very careful about going at all. The government has put out a warning about road conditions. Apparently we are also going to get rain right up until the end of March.

      I will look for the warning and post it on my home page. Look for it shortly.


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